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Navigating the Biotech Frontier: Tales of Triumphs and Trials of Fundraising in Entrepreneurship
December 18, 2023
4:00pm-5:00pm (America/New York time)
Event Details:
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Join Boost by BioBreak for a virtual event on December 18, at 1pm PT/4pm ET, during which we’ll delve into the entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on the triumphs and trials that define the landscape of biotech startups. Seasoned entrepreneurs share their firsthand experiences, providing invaluable insights on the nuances of fundraising in the current market in the biotech sector.

Stephanie Oestreich, Managing Director, Myeloma Investment Fund (moderator)
Lyn Baranowski, CEO, Avalyn Pharma
Lital Gilad-Shaoulian, Founder & CEO, PurposeBio
Catherine Sabatos-Peyton, CEO, Larkspur Biosciences

Our discussion will dive into fundraising strategies from the entrepreneur's perspective. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn't, as our expert panel reflects on their lessons learned. This webinar promises to provide practical insights to help guide you on your fundraising journey.


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