Welcome to Boost by BioBreak, a community of female life science executives igniting positive change in the industry through action-oriented conversations.

Our Story and Mission

Boost by BioBreak‘s mission is to unite female life science executives, board members, and investors within the BioBreak community to inspire and empower women in their careers and professional development. We aim to foster a space for in-depth conversations that drive positive change in the industry.

As an intimate community within BioBreak, which boasts over 4,000 members in the US and Europe, Boost by BioBreak provides exclusive access to diverse networking, advice, and support. Our platform emphasizes content-rich, action-oriented discussions to collectively ignite positive industry changes.

The Boost Difference:

  • We honor change: Addressing specific issues female executives face to ignite awareness and positive change.
  • Action-oriented: Focusing on driving meaningful progress through our conversations.
  • Community-focused: Encouraging genuine relationships among members.
  • Life science focused: Tackling issues specific to women in the life science industry.
  • Membership integrity: Adhering to strict criteria to maintain high-caliber conversations.
  • Ambassador program: Shaping content to bring relevant and timely discussion topics.


Boost by BioBreak is created for female executive leaders in the life science industry.  We want to ensure that all members experience high-quality conversations that are relevant to their industry and title-specific issues. As such, we have limited membership to the following criteria:

Industry focus:

  • Biopharma
  • Investors


  • SVP and above
  • Board members of life science companies
  • Principal and above for life science investors

All female members of BioBreak will receive updates and event invitations for Boost by BioBreak. 

Our Ambassadors:

Boost by BioBreak values a dynamic community of empowered women. Our ambassadors facilitate meaningful discussions, connect with our community, and expand our impact. Join us in leading this initiative with the BioBreak and Locust Walk teams if you’re passionate about our mission.

Our Partners:

Locust Walk proudly supports Boost by BioBreak, contributing to thought leadership and actively advocating for the career advancement of female life science leaders. We commit to understanding and addressing female-specific issues to drive positive industry change.

Boost by BioBreak seeks additional corporate partners to launch and sustain this initiative. Partners enjoy seamless inclusion in thought leadership, networking, branding, marketing, and access to top executive talent for staffing, board placements, and targeted networking opportunities.

Want to Learn More?

For more information about Boost by BioBreak, please email info@biobreak.org.

Founding Sponsor:

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