BioBreak is an exclusive, members-only community designed to cultivate stronger regional connections among executives in the life sciences and investors.

About Us

Overview of BioBreak

BioBreak is an exclusive network that unites executives from the biopharma and investor communities to share knowledge and foster relationships. These decision-makers represent diverse backgrounds and functions.

At BioBreak’s exclusive events, including informal networking and affinity group gatherings, members engage in interactive discussions about challenges specific to their leadership roles. This platform allows members to establish relationships, find new business partners, and exchange best practices.

Now in its 18th year, BioBreak continues to innovate, offering affinity group networking opportunities that address today’s industry challenges:

  • Boost by BioBreak: a group for female executives
  • CBO Forum
  • CEO Forum

With over 4,000 members in major industry hubs across the US and Europe, BioBreak’s large and diverse membership base fosters connections within the life science community. The strict adherence to membership criteria ensures the success of these exclusive events.

Membership is free for eligible individuals. Attending events also comes at no cost to our members.  

Founding and History

Founded in 2006 in Philadelphia by Geoff Meyerson and Patrick Lee, BioBreak was created to address the need for a networking platform exclusive to senior executives in the life sciences. Recognizing the saturation of service providers in other industry events, BioBreak requires service providers to sponsor the organization to attend, ensuring a high-value experience for industry participants through strict membership criteria.

Board of Directors

The organization is led by a board of executives who help organize the events in each region.

  • Geoff Meyerson, President and Treasurer
  • Martin Lehr, Secretary


Join BioBreak

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